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Refill toner Samsung ML1710 SCX4216

How to refill the toner cartridge for SAMSUNG ML1510 ML1520 ML1710 ML1740 ML1750 SCX4216 SCX4100 - XEROX WORKCENTRE PE16 - LEXMARK X215 - RICOH TYPE 1275 (FX16)
Required tools:
90g toner
isopropyl alchool
fuse 63 ma
drum (if the drum of the cartridge is damaged)
For any information or suggestion leave a comment.
Samsung Xerox Lexmark e Ricoh cartridges are the same, the only difference is a tab on the front of the cover of the cartridge.
Oem cartridges and compatible cartridges made in china may have some slight difference.
Do not breathe toner dust.

These machines use a series of LED's to indicate a problem.
There are two lights on the control panel, the ONLINE/ERROR and the TONER SAVE lights. The Online light is two color, red or green.
- Both lights blinking: the machine has problems and needs service.
- Online light is on steady red and the toner save light is off: paper jam, front cover open or empty toner cartridge.
- Online light is on blinking green and the toner save light is off: there could be a number of problems.
- the Online/Error LED blink slowly: the printer is receiving data
- the Online/ Error LED blink fast: the printer is printing.
- The Online/ Error LED also blink if it is in the manual feed mode and no paper is in the manual feeder, or if the "Cancel" button was pressed while the printer was receiving data.

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Sefer Aytekin : Viandant Thanks. You are best operator on the World. Danke viel mal
latifuaf : If you just put ink n dont chage chip, printer keep on printing?
jose r : can you tell me what kind of fuse I need?
wurlybird9 : Is there a significant difference between a regular or starter cartridge? Can the starter cartridge be filled to 3000 sheet capacity?
viandant5 : there is no chip. there is only a fuse. if the printer has no empty toner message, you dont' have to change the fuse.

Fix samsung ML1710 printer

Had this printer since 2004.
It has been jamming and not pickup paper.
I didn't find instructions on taking this thing apart.
So i will attempt to do it without any.
If you going to hire someone to fix a 10+ years printer, you save more buying a new printer.

How to refill Samsung ML-1740 laser printer toner cartridge - ML1740 ML1710 ML1510 1710 1510

Here is how i refilled my ML-1740 laser printer. Click here for toner kits on Amazon:
Pedro acura : tanks man
lisa rizzon : oh no

ulitka911 : ty man
DIY Tinker : you r welcome :)
Stefan Baltic : Thank you!




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