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Gabriella Cilmi - Safer + Lyrics

Gabriella Cilmi - Safer + Lyrics
animecrazyforlife : this song is my favourute out of her whole album 5 stars!!!!! :D love her
Miss Maddi Moonlight : =D I heard this song today in a TV show and searched for it ^^
It sounds so beautiful. <33
ninehundrednintytwo : I love this song !!! <3 I think, it´s the best song, I´ve ever heard from her! The melody is so beautiful and the message of the song so real!!
bluetruth94 : oh schönes lied
italylovesriri : i feel the song ..she is a good singer <3

YOU decide if 10X returns VS 10% return is safer | Investing your money

Subtitles added.

How to make money investing and how to invest? Is lower returns safer or is it just an illusion?

clip for cafe money -

most companies will fail -
Fabian Ng : hey CG, what do you think of the Kelly criterion! love to hear your thoughts about it
Talks with Andy : Chicken Genius! Have you done a video on analyzing Tesla valuations from ultra bulls like Warren redlich and other more conservative valuations like Ark? Curious to see what you think of them either way your videos are awesome
Gary : Have decided a couple of months ago to be a "growth" rather than value investor. Requires strong stomach. Ha.
Graham Brown : 10x is the spice of life
Graham Brown : Same thinking can apply to partners

"Safer" from First Date - Karaoke Track with Lyrics

This is a karaoke track for "Safer" from FIRST DATE. It features the complete orchestral accompaniment and rolls the lyrics on the screen so that you can enjoy singing along!

Starting Key: Ab Major

Music and Lyrics by Michael Weiner and Alan Zachary

Orchestrations by August Eriksmoen

“Safer” originally performed on Broadway by Krysta Rodriguez.

All of our karaoke tracks are unofficial and all rights are reserved by the copyright holders of the material. Feel free to put them to whatever personal use you might desire, including but not limited to singing on your own, using at karaoke nights, and recording "cover" versions. Please link back to this original video in the description of any video or audio recordings you post online. For inquiries about commercial use, questions, commissions, or requests, feel free to email musicalpracticetracks(at)gmail(dot)com.
Kat Taylor : THANK YOU!!
Meticulously Crafted : Dude, this has been a song I’ve been trying to find good backing tracks for forever. Thank god there’s finally something good that I can use! Super appreciate it.
ImpossibleWolf : Y’all are doing the Lord’s work
Millie George : THANK YOU
Courtney Crawford : Please do Enlightenment from Starry!




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