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Xbox 360 S In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)


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The Xbox 360 S came out in 2010, so how does it hold up 10 years later? lets find out!

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Protoking : I fell in love with the S model when it came out but was not able to pick one up until 2016. Glad I waited as Matte black replaced the glossy scratch magnets. Xbox 360 was the era when u could still play games split screen and network play offline on LAN and as such it’s purchase was to be in my end of the world gaming supplies. I have generators and power inverters and solar. It’s nice the S model uses around 80 watts compared to the 160watts the original uses esp for off grid use. The S model also has HDMI as well as the A/V port which is good since I have my original composite/component and my vga cable still. New tv? Simply HDMI away. All in all probably one of my fav consoles of all time and much more reliable then the older models.
OneTruth : I just bought one with JTAG, 2 Controller, 60 GB and all updated for like 50$... cant wait to get it :)
Gaith 77 : In My Opinion Anyone Playing Xbox 360 Or PS3 Is A Gamer, Even These Consoles Are Older Than 10 Years Because They Still Having Great Games Like Forza, Halo Reach, GTA 5,Grand Turismo 6,God Of War 3,Dragon Ball Xenoverse,Naruto Shippuden Storm 3 Full Brust And More Great Games To Play.
Note: I Still Using My OG PS3
The SegaGuy : Mate the Xbox 360 “Pro” model was only £279.99 at launch (the one with the 20GB hard drive). One of the things it was praised for was its price, whereas PS3 was insanely expensive at launch by comparison.
Christian Taillon : I love my 360. I have no problems with it and play it more than my Xbox One.

Red Dot of Death - Xbox 360 S Southbridge Reflow

In this video I repair the second Xbox 360 from my holiday haul. This one is a 4GB Slim, and cosmetically looks very well used. It appears as though the previous owner may have had to force eject the DVD tray at some point as there are screwdriver marks on the tray door, but the warranty seal is intact so the console hasn't been previously worked on.

When hooked up the console turns on and displays the red "dot" of death. There is no audio or video on the screen but the fan is spinning and the DVD drive responds to being ejected. Upon examining the secondary error code (by pressing Sync + Eject) the console displays an error code of 0-1-0-1. Research suggested that the USB ports are faulty (shorted or bridged).

Upon tearing the unit down and examining the system up close there was no evidence of the USB ports being shorted or bridged. Anecdotal posts on discussion forums suggested the culprit was a faulty Southbridge and reports of a reflow resolving the issue.

I decided to reflow the Southbridge using my tried and tested heat gun method. I don't own a hot air rework station and while there is some skepticism of using a heat gun for this purpose, my practice on junk boards has yielded great results. There are a few things I do to elevate the process like thoroughly pre-heating and post-heating the board (slow cooldown) as well as using high quality flux (and lots of it). My experimentation has shown that small improvements like this lead to a controlled reflow and a happily reseated chip.

I'm happy to have revived this otherwise junk console. I'll be updating this one for use on Xbox Live, unlike the "phat" I repaired last week which I plan to mod down the road and so want to keep on a low dashboard version.

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abenshnegalboff : Always makes me happy to see these consoles gain a second life well done : )
Orange Hedgehog 2012 : It’s always great to see restoration videos like these. You do a fantastic job. Keep it up!
BassMusicReactions+ : You've got super powers my man! I could hear your voice of excitement and nervousness when you first turned the console on after the repair! Ah I know that's always an adrenaline rush!!
aceofaces20 : Your video may have just helped me save my dad’s old 360s. The whole console sounds like it’s running MUCH more smoothly than before, and best of all, there’s no near-immediate RDOD. Thank you SO much for posting this!
5Izzy5 : Seeing your wife enjoying what once was a broken console, was very heart-warming. Great repair as always.

I Bought An Xbox 360 In 2021...Here's Why

The Xbox 360 released in 2005 making it a pretty old system now in 2021. With Microsoft pushing hard for backwards compatibility for their current platforms the Xbox 360 has pretty much faded away, but recently it's become harder to find the system in working condition at a good price.

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Thomas Clark : The 360 has, in my view, become very much a classic console. Casting aside the obvious design flaws of the early models, it was just such a pleasure to own; the online functionality and graphics were really great for the time.
Edwin : This was for me the first console that perfected online play on consoles. The original dashboard was so cool and useful.

The best online memories are Gears of War 1, COD 4 and Dead or Alive 4.

A shame later they updated and changed it so finding an XBL Arcade game took like 12 clicks rather than going to the separate arcade tab.
happyjam92 : This console brings back so many memories. Playing Halo 3 with friends after school In high-school was some of the best multiplayer experiences I've had.
Ryan Ulibarri : I really like how you make something feel non threatening to dive into. My 360 was starting to have issues with the bay too, so I haven't touched it in years. Now I feel comfortable cracking it open and fixing it. Especially since I've taken to PC building, and it's not so scary going into something you know to expect. Keep up the great work!
Mike : Installing games to the HDD also takes some load off the fan, I've noticed. Running right from the disc requires a lot of extra data reading, so the system heats up more, the fans spin faster.. etc.




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