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BMW F10 525d 218hp Acceleration and Top Speed on Autobahn

Bmw 525d F10 Facelift 218hp Test Drive with Dragy Box on German Autobahn
Driver POV, Fuel Consumption, Acceleration, Top Speed, NoSpeedLimit
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QE Romanzo Finanziario : I have a touring 525xd - performance is not its strength but it is well balanced and has great fuel economy - it makes 15km/lt in real traffic conditions.
Rahul Kumar : Recently bought the same car. Enjoying it. Only mod it needs is proper coilovers. Planning to get that done.
ComedyWolf : Nice! I have one, love this car
David C : I have the original f10 525d with the 3.0 unit. I expected this to be quicker but this is the first video that shows it's about the same performance. But I wonder will this unit still be going strong with 210,000km on it??
Vincent Smart : Best 5series ever built

[내차어때 시즌1] EP19 BMW 525d 2013년식 feat. 차검사

이번주는 특별히 에픽이 아닌 검사 전문기관에서 검사했습니다
_ hoyaboo : 등장하신 기술사, 주인공 두분 모두 말씀을 잘하셔서 유익하고 재밌게 시청했어요^^ 좋은영상 감사합니다~
kintaro38 : 차주도 자연스럽게 대화하고 정비하시는 분도 말씀 잘하시고.. 차가 연식이 얼마안되서 아쉬웠지만 좋은 영상 잘 봤습니다
시장경제 : 진짜 좋은 방송입니다
내차어때 짱^^
김제임스 : 너무 좋은데요?
한국에서 신차시장보다 중고차 시장이 큰데,
중고차 시장에서 거래가 가장 활발한게 5만키로 정도 된 차들이고,
실제 그정도 차로 중고차 검사해볼수 있는
좋은 정보 감사합니다.
유상현 : 실장형 진행솜씨가 갈수록좋네!

햄토리한테 랍스타얻어먹어도 될듯♡

Nurburgring Bmw 525d E61

Nordschleife with a bmw 525d e61 ( chipped 270 pk )
Porsche boxter breakdown, and a good match with the Aston Martin!
Bridge to gantry 9min32
sincity RRT : wish I could take my 5 series there! Living in the US I'm envious of Germans for having this culture of high performance vehicles with superb handling. 
I can't even take my 545i above 70mph where I live..Forget about any good courses or roads to drive on. 
excellent video man. 
MyProfile12345 : Dude ! ... Nice job - this should be in category: Education.... impressive driving and knowing the track. I have a e61 525d (377 000 km) - felt like my car :D
ThePixelize : Don't think the Aston was pushing it as much as you were. Nice drive!
jeremy k : Guy in the GT3 is probably going crazy about the 1 series that keeps up with him hahaha
Istymann1 : Hahahaha the 2x boxters really looks like they go backwards in the beginning!




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